April 7, 2022

Q & A: Getting Started

Welcome to our Q&A

Engagement with a design studio can be overwhelming and complex, we wanted to provide this Q&A to help potential clients or really anyone considering adding an Interior Designer to their design team. This is a collection of frequently asked questions as well as a few our team thought might be helpful. Ultimately we hope you can use this as a guide/starting point begin your design journey.

Q: Is it important to provide a budget before beginning your project with a designer?

A: This is by far the most important information exchanged between a designer and client. In our professional opinion, if a designer isn’t asking this question you should reconsider engagement with them. Providing a budget ultimately can help a client save money, as all of our decisions on a design concept are informed by a clients budget, it’s a crucial piece to a successful project. But more importantly it plays a role in client satisfaction and expectation. Setting this standard early on sets the project up for success.

Q: How Do You Decide Which Projects Are A Good Fit For You And Your Firm?

A: When being considered for a project we consider a few things; timeline, scope, aesthetics and chemistry between us and the client. We like to devote adequate time and resources to each of our clients so that we can execute a full scope project from start to finish. The scope of a project is a big factor as well, will there be construction? who else will need to be involved? These are important because if we feel that we don’t have the right resources we can communicate this to the client so they know and understand what we can commit to during a project. When it comes to aesthetics we want to make sure that we are inspired by the clients vision. This helps us produce the best quality work. We also naturally infuse our sultry aesthetic into our work, an infusion of restorative practices informed by our experience, culture, and vision.

Q: Do You Welcome Client Involvement Or Do You Prefer Clients To Be Hands-Off?

A: If a client asked us to completely execute a project for them and let our vision run we would be happy to assist. We are fully equipped to be as hands on or off as a client needs or wants. Both scenarios have pros and cons. From a designers standpoint having a clients involvement allows us to be inspired by what they are bringing to the table while having a hands-off client allows us to pull from our well of knowledge and resources and stick to a very strict timeline as we are efficient decision makers.

Q: How Do You Design Spaces That Look High-End While On A Budget?

A: Balance, mixing both low and high end items allow us to be budget conscious while splurging on the items that will have the most impact to create our signature well-worn luxury look.

Q: Why do you recommend including a designer as part of your build team?

A: Designers are trained to envision your space from a functional and form perspective. Understanding how their clients will live in the space allows them to really customize a home to work perfectly for their needs and wants.  They often bring the humanization to a project as they will speak the clients lingo insead of construction jargon. This often makes the process run smoother and is more cost effective because all designs are created before any construction begins ensuring little to no change orders. 

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